WKU Dual Credit


This upcoming spring semester WKU Dual Credit will be offering 10 online courses to high school students. 

  1. ART 100 : Art Appreciation
  2. CHEM 101C : Intro to Chemistry
  3. COMM 145 : Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  4. ECON 150 : Intro to Economics
  5. ENGL 100C : Intro to College Writing
  6. HIST 102 : World History II
  7. MATH 109C : General Math
  8. PS 110 : American National Government
  9. PSY 100 : Intro to Psychology
  10. SOCL 100 : Intro to Sociology

We expect these courses to fill; earlier registration is encouraged to increase students’ chances of getting into their desired courses. 

Students must complete the online registration form (http://bit.ly/1vmRbRJ) by January 12. It is important to note that new students must also apply to WKU as a dual credit student (http://bit.ly/1yfsN6O). 

Classes will begin on Monday, January 26, and will end on Friday, May 15. 

The tuition for online courses offered by WKU Dual Credit is $210 ($70/hour for a three hour course). There may be an additional cost for textbooks depending on the course. Additional information can be found on our website (http://bit.ly/12tzqFx).