Career Pathways at TCHS

Below are the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways offered at both Trimble County High School and the Carroll County Area Technology Center (CCATC). Selecting one of the pathway links will provide you with a suggested course sequence for TCHS students enrolled in a particular career pathway. Visit the College/Career Readiness page to learn more about how students achieve Career Readiness.

     Career Pathways at TCHS

Career Pathways at CCATC

  • Allied Health
    1. Principles of Health Science
    2. Emerg. Procedures/Med. Terminology
    3. Allied Health Core Skills
    4. Medical Math/Holistic Health
  • Automotive Maintenance/Light Repair Tech
    1. AM&LRS Section A
    2. AM&LRS Section B
    3. AM&LRS Section C
    4. AM&LRS Section D
  • Carpenter Assistant
    1. Intro to Construction Technology
    2. Floor & Wall Framing
    3. Ceiling & Roof Framing/Lab
    4. Construction Prints
  • Maintenance Mechanic/Electrical Technician
    1. Fluid Power
    2. Industrial Maint. Electrical Principles
    3. Maintaining Industrial Equipment
    4. Ind. Maint. Elect. Motor Controls
  • Pre-nursing
    1. Principles of Health Science
    2. Emergency Procedures
    3. Medicaid Nurse Aide
    4. Medical Math & Medical Terminology
  • Welder-Entry Level
    1. Blueprint Reading for Welding
    2. Cutting Processes
    3. Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
    4. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)